Mopar Muscle by Robert Genat

The power and the glory of muscle cars
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Soon there will be an American invasion of these shores. What again? GIs, Disney, McDonald's and Microsoft have done it before, but so far the British have proved resistant to the charms of the American automobile. Now, though, we are being invited to buy a new generation of stateside offerings - big, powerful Chrysler and Dodge saloons, coupés and sports cars. So this is a good time to celebrate the tradition of American muscle cars, especially those from the Chrysler Corporation, and this book is an excellent way to do it. Lavishly illustrated, it explores the origins of the obsession with power in the 1950s through beasts such as the 1960s and 1970s Plymouth Barracuda and Dodge Charger, right up to today's Dodge Viper, Chrysler 300C and a new four-door Charger - all of which should be on sale in Blighty by the end of this year. So: oversexed, overpowered and over here, it would seem.