Nice to See It, To See It, Nice, By Brian Viner

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In chapter four, the author explains it was peer pressure that prompted him to a) throw big balls of soaked newspaper from the school bus window and b) watch Top of the Pops.

Though indifferent to Mott the Hoople, the adolescent Viner proved susceptible to Pan's People - particularly Babs, whose appeal was also extolled by Ronnie Corbett in Porridge. Sadly for her devotees, "Beautiful Babs" became Mrs Robert Powell in 1975. The buxom hoofer married the star of Jesus of Nazareth.

Viner gleefully notes that Lew Grade's £9 million epic was not only plugged by Pope Paul VI but also featured Harold Bennett, Young Mr Grace in Are You Being Served. Viner's televisual memoir will be redolent for those who spent their formative years watching The Persuaders.