Paperback review: Breakout Nations - In Pursuit of the Next Ecomonic Miracles, By Ruchir Sharma

Of such things are Nigel Farage's nightmares made ...

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In Breakout Nations, Ruchir Sharma surveys the world's emerging markets.

He dismisses groupings such as "Brics" (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) for a more detailed comparative approach – he's bullish on South Korea, but less optimistic about the growth prospects for Russia, whose unbalanced economy is evident in the excesses of its super-rich. Sharma works at Morgan Stanley, and much of this book takes the form of advice for those fortunate enough to have large sums to invest. But there is enough here to hold the interest of a general audience – and Sharma's comments on the benefits of EU membership should make this required reading for the Ukip-inclined.