Paperback review: The Honoured Society - My Journey to the Heart of the Mafia


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At times it's hard to keep track of the various individuals caught up in this dramatic, yet also personal, account of the different Mafiosi organisations that Reski mentions in her book (the 20-page dramatis personae at the end has never been more necessary).

The figures who stand out are often those connected in a more peripheral way, like valiant anti-Mafia photographer, Letizia, whose daughter now accompanies Reski on many of her investigations, or parish priest Don Pino who wants only to speak of forgiveness and who lives right in the middle of Mafia heartland. Reski's bravery and integrity are without question, but as she flits from murderer, to businessman, to father, to politician, her seamless narrative almost uncomfortably reflects the terrifyingly easy, interconnected nature of the Mafia itself.