Paperback review: The Last Time I Saw You, By Eleanor Moran


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There are two problems with Eleanor Moran's take on female friendship gone wrong.

The first is that neither of the denouements, for the end of the friendship between subversive Sally and obedient Olivia, or for the "mystery" of Sally's untimely death in a car accident, is unpredictable or particularly shocking. The second problem is that Moran can't quite decide what she wants to write – a witty, sharp take on modern morals and manners (she is actually better at this aspect), or a deeply felt examination of love and friendship. The latter is foiled by some sloppy metaphors ("his words weave and dart, taking you on the path he's carving out with them") and lots of unnecessary detail – this 500-page novel should have had at least 150 pages cut out of it.