Photography book review: Love and War, By Dewi Lewis Publishing


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Love and War chronicles Guillaume Simoneau's on-off relationship with Caroline Annandale.

They first met in Maine in 2000. Both in their early twenties, they began a relationship and travelled the world together just prior to 11 September, 2001. After the terrorist attacks on the United States, Annandale enlisted in the US army and was sent to Iraq. The two grew apart, Annandale eventually marrying someone else, but they reunited several years later to begin a second chapter in their relationship.

Using a variety of images – including pictures he took when they first met, photographs Caroline emailed from Iraq, text messages, and handwritten notes – Simoneau charts the couple's love affair and its attendant ups and downs. Sequenced to mimic the disjointed nature of memory and identity, Simoneau reveals the lasting impact – the invisible, indelible, and often irreversible effects – that both love and war have on people's lives.