Photography book review: Wild Africa, By Alex Bernasconi

(with a preface by Saba Douglas-Hamilton)

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A sumptuous visual record of one of the last natural paradises on earth, Wild Africa is a unique first-hand photographic encounter with the wildlife of the continent.

From a totally fresh perspective, with unique access to some of the remotest regions and species living beyond the  confines of captivity, Wild Africa is a contemporary photographic record that takes you into the heart of the continent. The result of painstaking expeditions, Alex Bernasconi’s photographic document contains some of the most novel, surprising and spectacular images of Africa and its wildlife. This is an off-road Africa, with moments of true beauty and natural delicacy that show the full splendour of wildlife at one with the landscape, while still preserving its raw immediacy.

These are unique images by a photographer motivated to preserve, for posterity, the most exceptional panoramas of wildlife in its true habitat. Alex Bernasconi is a creative wildlife and landscape photographer with a deep love for nature. He was awarded first prize in the “Blue Planet” category of the Trierenberg Super Circuit, as well as first and third prize in the “Nature” category of the Prix de  la Photographie Paris,  and first prize in the  “Fine Art” category.