Photography: Moments Before the Flood, By Carl de Keyzer


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Moments Before the Flood, says David Van Reybrouck in his introduction to the Belgian photographer Carl de Keyzer's new monograph, is a "photographic study of uncertainty".

Shot during the course of a four-year pilgrimage around the 65,000km (40,400 mile) coastline of Europe, it pays particular attention to the ancient bulwarks that were erected in a (usually vain) attempt to ward off invasion, as well as modern-day and perhaps equally quixotic preparations for the eventuality of rising sea levels. Human figures creep into the frame, but they tend to be small and thus vulnerable. And despite the pictures' pleasing aesthetics, says Van Reybrouck, "beneath the inviting surface, they crackle with cruel realities".

Shown left, Italy. Sicily. Cefalu. (2010).

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