Pick of the picture books: The Peak District, by Fran Halsall

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From the 1932 mass trespass of its highest point, Kinder Scout, in 1932, until the "right to roam" was enshrined in law in 2003, the Peak District has been at the centre of the English countryside, in more ways than the merely geographical. The Peak District (Frances Lincoln, £14.99) has been put together by Fran Halsall, a photographer who lives at its northernmost point near Sheffield and runs photography courses in and around the national park. This is no mere tourist's collection, therefore, and it documents this vast and wild area in terms of its changing seasons, its "restless weather" and the subtle human influences on the landscape since Neothilic times. Right: the weathered Kinderscout Grit outcrops of The Salt Cellar, Derwent Edge, Upper Derwent Valley, at sunset.