Sixteen Shades of Crazy, By Rachel Trezise

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Ellie, Rhiannon and Sian are in the salad days of their lives with minds as "crisp as iceberg lettuce" and organs "like the insides of ripe tomatoes".

Stuck in a small Welsh valley town, each is either engaged or married to a member of The Boobs, a local punk band. Bored and desperate for thrills, the girls subsist on a diet of partying, "Afghan opiates" and alcohol.

Then a dark-haired dealer, Johnny, arrives in town and the girls, the self-appointed "witches of Eastwick", find themselves at the mercy of a new beat.

Best known for her fiction collection, Fresh Apples, Trezise in this anti-romantic portrayal of modern valley life - "went out, got pissed. Same shit, different day" - rings with musical dialogue and hangover humour.