Story of the Scene, By Roger Clarke

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If many purchasers of this enjoyable collection of 80 "famous moments in film" from the Independent column will put it in the smallest room, they may find Clarke's page on Raiders of the Lost Ark apposite.

The celebrated scene of Harrison Ford shooting a scimitar-swirling assassin was made particularly zippy because the star had an urgent need to use the lavatory.

Other revelations: Jack Nicholson's remark in Chinatown apropos Polanski ("Where d'you get the midget?") injected real danger into the nose-slitting scene; given a banana-print bikini, Ursula Andress made her own white one for Dr No; One query: Clarke describes the use of sexy outtakes from Nic Roeg's Performance in a Dutch porn film as "apocryphal", but others say it won a prize at Amsterdam's Wet Dream Festival.