Ten Technologies to Fix Energy and Climate, By Chris Goodall

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Chris Goodall’s stated aim with this book is to show that the tools needed to tackle climate change already exist. He makes a convincing case. He explores such technologies as wind power, solar energy and wave power, as well as less familiar ones such as biochar (capturing carbon as charcoal and burying it in the soil) and CHP (Combined Heat and Power, also known as cogeneration – for example, using the energy generated by power stations, which escapes in great clouds of steam from cooling towers, as a source of heating. The same can be done on a much smaller scale domestically).

Goodall’s careful analyses show that each of these technologies has its limitations, and that none of them alone could supply all the world’s energy needs, but that a portfolio of all or some could easily do so. He doesn’t include nuclear power, not because of any visceral antipathy, but on economic grounds: nuclear is expensive and likely to remain so,while all his 10 chosen technologies, with wider use and improved techniques, have the potential to become far cheaper. Areadable, persuasive and pleasantly optimistic work of popular science.