The Bookaholics' Guide to Book Blogs, eds Rebecca Gillieron and Catheryn Kilgarriff

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Marion Boyars is, by all accounts, one of the UK's more free-thinking publishers; and a book like this, an investigation of the book blog phenomenon, certainly benefits from coming out of that kind of environment. Kilgarriff is publisher at Marion Boyars; Gillieron is senior editor.

There aren't too many publishers, for example, who'll admit: "We never really know if we are making the right choices." On the other hand, this book is described as a celebration: "We didn't want the existence of some of the first book bloggers to come and go without record."

The best bloggers, according to Kilgarriff, are the ones who have no motive other than to share their love of books with other readers. The ones who end up getting mentioned are certainly worth tracking down, especially if all their posts are as lucid as the one by Dovegreyreader that gets quoted.

Unless you're a blog fanatic, this book is bound to contain something you didn't know about – some oddball site capable of yielding the kind of gem that'll make you think just as carefully as anything you'll find in print.

Marion Boyars, £7.99