The Celtic Story, by Allan, Tommy and Patrick Canning

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The Americans take graphic novels seriously, as do the French their bandes dessinées and the Japanese their manga, but in Britain the term "comic book" suggests an essentially lightweight publication. Not so with this sumptuous history of the Glasgow football club.

The Canning brothers' collaboration – illustrations by Tommy, words by Patrick, layouts by Allan – has produced a strip cartoon of great originality and no mean artistry. "But I'm not a Celtic fan," you protest.

No matter. This book has the power to engage the uncommitted as it celebrates Celtic's many seminal moments (a personal favourite is the depiction of Patsy Gallacher's goal in the 1925 Scottish Cup final, when he somersaulted into the goal with the ball between his feet) in unique fashion. Other clubs could do worse than produce their own histories in graphic form, but they will probably have to find other artists; the Canning brothers are Celtic through and through, and their book seems more a labour of love than mere commerce, a rarity in football these days.

Published by Mainstream in large-format paperback, £14.99