The Radleys, By Matt Haig

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These days vampires are a high-profile lot, but Matt Haig's family of blood-suckers try to remain below the radar at all times.

Peter and Helen Radley live with their teenage children, Rowan and Clara, in the North Yorkshire village of Bishopthorpe. He's a GP, she likes to paint. Both are trying to put their wild London days, and a taste for librarians, behind them.

But then Clara is attacked by a drunken boy and in a fit of vampiric fury she kills him. Suddenly the family secret is out. Help is supposedly at hand with the arrival of Uncle Will, a monster of the old school.

Clara attempts to become a vegan, while the weedy Rowan learns to use his fangs to advantage. Written in short, juicy chapters this life-affirming comedy will particulary appeal to older teens.