You Never Give Me Your Money, By Peter Doggett

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This is the story of the Beatles' break-up and what they did afterwards, from 1969 to the present day. It's highly readable and full of great quotes (George Harrison's definition of avant-garde: "French for 'haven't got a clue'") and surprising anecdotes (such as the time Paul McCartney physically threatened Ringo, "the most diminutive and physically vulnerable member of the group", forcing him to flee McCartney's house).

Peter Doggett goes through the complicated legal battles that raged for years after the break-up – sometimes in more detail than one can easily absorb. Without being in any way malicious (Doggett's treatment is never less than sympathetic and he's clearly a true fan), the book shows that all four of the Beatles had their follies, vices and weaknesses. And finding global fame in their early twenties didn't help. One thing that comes across very clearly is how obsessed with each other they were. Their rivalry and mutual need surfaced in their song lyrics a long time after they were no longer the Beatles.