six of the best buys this weekend

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The Trick is to Keep Breathing Janice Galloway (Minerva, pounds 6.99). Siobhan Redmond to star in the Tron theatre adaptation of this stunner.

Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen (Penguin/ Oxford pounds 1.99). BBC2 six-parter starring Alison Steadman as Mrs Bennett.

The English Patient Michael Ondaatje (Picador pounds 6.99). An Anthony Minghella film with Ralph Fiennes and Kristin Scott Thomas.

Devil in a Blue Dress Walter Mosley (Pan pounds 4.99). Carl Franklin's much- delayed thriller stars Denzel Washington.

Richard III Shakespeare (Penguin pounds 2.99). Ian McKellen's serious bid for silver-screen stardom.

Restoration Rose Tremain (Sceptre pounds 5.99). Richly detailed prizewinner will star Hugh Grant.

SIX VIDOES Pulp Fiction (18; Touchstone; pounds 14.99). Yes, we've all seen it, but now we can all buy it, too. Just quote the dialogue unless you want a smack in the mouth.

Oasis by the Sea (PMI; pounds 11.99). No-frills live show from that Manchester mob who aren't number one.

Priest (15; PolyGram; Rental). Jimmy McGovern's powerful tale of a gay priest.

With Honors (PG; Warner; Rental). Sentimental but sensitive tale of homelessness and Harvard boys.

True Lies (15; CIC; pounds 12.99). Wham-bam thrills and spills with not a jot of logic to spoil things.

The Shawshank Redemption (15; Guild; Rental). Notably soppy prison drama redeemed by Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman.