six of the best buys this weekend

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1. Breakfast at Tiffany's (PG; CIC; pounds 10.99) Audrey Hepburn is stunning and George Peppard ain't bad either. A classic.

2. An Awfully Big Adventure (15; Fox; rental) Big-screen Beryl Bainbridge. This is what Hugh Grant should be remembered for.

3. Speechless (15; Warner; rental) Michael Keaton and Geena Davis in a classy romantic comedy.

4. Harry Hill Fruit Fancies / Live at the Queen's (BBC Video; pounds 10.99 / pounds 12.99) The funniest man in Britain, no contest.

5. Clerks (18; Artificial Eye; rental) What shop assistants really think of you. Crude, lewd.

6. Mrs Parker and the Vicious Circle (15; Artificial Eye; rental). Jennifer Jason Leigh cements her reputation as one of America's finest.

1. Seamus Heaney: North (Faber pounds 5.99) Sample the wonders of the Nobel prizewinner at his considerable best.

2. U A Fanthorpe: Selected Poems (Penguin pounds 5.99) Shamefully neglected work with warmth, astringency and wit in equal measure.

3. Jackie Kay: Other Lovers (Bloodaxe pounds 5.95) The follow-up to the astonishing The Adoption Papers.

4. Simon Armitage: The Dead Sea Poems (Faber pounds 6.99) The latest from one of the brightest young things in poetry.

5. Margaret Atwood: Morning in the Burned House (Virago pounds 8.99) That rarity, a collection by a novelist that is worth reading.

6. William Blake: The Collected Poems (Penguin pounds 13.00) The background to Peter Ackroyd's bestselling biography.