BOSNIA APPEAL / Helping the helpless

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WINTER has bitten Bosnia-Herzegovina quickly and hard. The snow and the long, frozen days and nights, where temperatures dip to minus 25C, still persist, making living and working conditions very difficult.

Even though they are exhausted and pessimistic about an impending catastrophe in Bosnia, volunteers and staff of international relief agencies are redoubling their efforts to help the victims of the war.

The Independent Bosnia Appeal has so far raised pounds 247,930.09. The money has been sent in by readers to help 15 charitable organisations that are operating in bitter winter conditions to ease the plight of the 2.7 million people in former Yugoslavia who are entirely dependent on aid.

For every donation to one or more of 15 charities working in the region, the Independent will add 10 per cent, up to pounds 30,000. The appeal closes on 31 January.

If you would like to support one or more of the charitable organisations please send a separate cheque for each donation, made payable to the organisation - with the wording as below - and send to: Bosnia Appeal, The Independent, 40 City Road, London EC1Y 2DB.

1 War Child; 2 Victims of War Appeal (former Yugoslavia) - this for the Red Cross; 3 Care; 4 Cafod (Bosnia); 5 Christian Aid (Bosnia); 6 Edinburgh Direct Aid; 7 Feed the Children; 8 Help the Aged Former Yugoslavia Appeal; 9 Islamic Relief Bosnia Fund; 10 Marie Stopes International (Bosnia); 11 Oxfam; 12 The Refugee Council; 13 Save the Children Fund; 14 Scottish European Aid; 15 UNA Trust Bosnia.