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Love is in the air, but it's the unattainable kind, not the soppy old wish-fulfilment of ex-number one, While You Were Sleeping. Forget Paris is sweet with a bitter aftertaste. Carrington is all about wanting the one you can't have. And The Bridges of Madison County affords its unfulfilled stars the merest smudge of love. Whichever way you look at it, summer's over.


1 (1) Apollo 13 US

2 (-) Forget Paris US

3 (3) Braveheart US

4 (4) Carrington UK

5 (2) The Bridges of Madison County US

6 (5) The Usual Suspects US

7 (-) Funny Bones US/UK

8 (6) While You Were Sleeping US

9 (8) Die Hard with a Vengeance US

10 (10) Waterworld US

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