box-office chart

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1 (-) Braveheart US

2 (1) While You Were Sleeping US

3 (2) Die Hard with a Vengeance US

4 (5) The Usual Suspects US

5 (3) Casper US

6 (4) Waterworld US

7 (-) Dolores Claiborne US

8 (6) Batman Forever US

9 (7) Free Willy 2 US

10 (10) The City of Lost Children France

Chart supplied by Screen International

The British public proves itself ever willing to indulge the ego of a major Hollywood star - with Waterworld holding on at number 6, and old Mogadon Max hacking and kilting his way to the top in Braveheart, we are besieged by flabby epics. When something French does manage to muscle in, it turns out to be The City of Lost Children, which is nobody's idea of fun.