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In the fight of the century (or, at least, the fight of last weekend), Jane Austen was up against John Grisham and the old slugger knocked that young buck flat on to the canvas. Yes, Emma beat A Time to Kill. It was also a battle of the beauties: between new faces Gwyneth Paltrow and Matthew McConaughey. Hardly Blur vs Oasis but there you go. (All figures denote weekend box-office only)


1 (-) Emma (pounds 120,126) US

2 (-) A Time to Kill (pounds 88,641) US

3 (1) Independence Day (pounds 64,176) US

4 (2) Phenomenon (pounds 39,373) US

5 (4) Eraser (pounds 26,408) US

6 (3) Stealing Beauty (pounds 25,016) US

7 (5) Mulholland Falls (pounds 13,496) US

8 (6) Mission: Impossible (pounds 12,451) US

9 (7) Dead Presidents (pounds 10,314) US

10 (8) Diabolique (pounds 8,943) US

Chart supplied by `Screen International'