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Brandon Lee died on the set of The Crow, but when did something like that ever stand in the way of a sequel? Word on The Crow: City of Angels has been awful, though A Very Brady Sequel apparently makes good on the twisted comedy of its likeable predecessor. A Time to Kill, the John Grisham court-room thriller with Sandra Bullock and Samuel L Jackson, is still holding strong after over a month (it opens here next week), and the Kevin Costner golf comedy Tin Cup has proved as popular with the public as the press. Anyone want to hear how Independence Day is doing? Maybe next time. (All figures denote weekend box-office only.)TOP 10 US

1 (-) The Crow: City of Angels ($9,785,111) US

2 (2) Tin Cup ($8,978,243) US

3 (-) First Kid ($8,434,651) US

4 (4) A Time to Kill ($7,088,005) US

5 (1) The Island of Dr Moreau ($6,460,769) US

6 (5) Jack ($5,868,624) US

7 (6) Independence Day ($5,537,238) US

8 (3) A Very Brady Sequel ($4,912,023) US

9 (8) Emma ($3,055,198) US

10 (7) The Fan ($2,506,322) US

Chart supplied by 'Screen International'