Box office: First call, last call

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The tickets for Ted Hughes' adaptation of Racine's Phedre fairly flew out of the box office, so you would be advised act fast to see its companion piece, Robert David McDonald's new version of Racine's Britannicus at the Albery Theatre. This Almeida production will feature the same crowd-pulling cast - including Diana Rigg, Toby Stephens and Julian Glover - and will run in tandem in repertory with Phedre until 28 November.

Albery Theatre, St Martin's Lane, London WC2

(0171-369 1740)

29 Oct-28 Nov, pounds 5-pounds 29.50

If you only know Ardal O'Hanlon (left) from his rib-tickling portrayal of the naive Dougal in television's Bafta-winning Father Ted, his new stand-up show will provide ample opportunity for you to broaden your appreciation of this multi-talented comedian. As well as selling out a 52-date UK tour in 1996, O'Hanlon has won numerous awards, appeared in the feature film The Butcher Boy and written a successful first novel, The Talk of the Town. See him on this autumn's tour and just try to resist his charm...

UK tour 9 Oct-30 Nov (for dates and venues, call 0171-734 2840), pounds 10.50-pounds 12.50