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FIRST A description of what happened at the table on this deal, then the background. East opened Three Hearts, South overcalled with Three Spades and West contested with Four hearts. North's jump to Six Spades was sporting and his redouble, after East had made a Lightner double, even more so.

Rather fortuitously, West found the required club lead and East duly ruffed. He returned !K, trumped in dummy, and followed with 48 when 4J was led. Decision time. As the cards lie, the trump finesse loses 1000 points; dropping the king gains 2070. David Price, the declarer, got it right (reasoning that East might well have not pre-empted with 4K as well as good hearts and that West might have bid on without a possible trump trick). Why the mystery about the setting? It was in the pounds 100 per hundred game at the famous TGR club. So the right view in trumps was financially significant.

While on the subject of big money bridge, TGR Promotions are planning to stage an Auction Pairs Tournament at the Landmark London Hotel on 14- 16 August. The entry fee is a mere pounds 1000 per pair, plus at least 10 per cent of their asking price in the auction for which they must make a bid of at least pounds 2,000 for themselves.

Now the good news: admission for spectators is free and, for the players, there is lavish hospitality and a guaranteed first prize of at least pounds 100,000 for the "owners" of the winning pair.

Entries, limited to 60 pairs, close on 14 July. Enquiries to Lionel Wright or David Price (tel: 0171-706-2404 or fax: 0171-706-4680).