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PERHAPS UNWITTINGLY, West started the defence to Four Spades off on the right track. The necessary continuation, however, was by no means clear to his partner and declarer got away with his distinctly fortunate game.

Playing five-card majors South opened One Spade and North raised to Two. A more prudent South might have made a more delicate try for game by bidding another suit, but this one made what is known in the trade as a "Landy game try" and bid Four Spades directly. (Sandra Landy, one of our leading women players, is noted for her optimistic approach.) With little to go on. West led 23.

Dummy played low and, after winning with 210, East switched to a low heart. Declarer won and led his singleton diamond. It can sometimes be right to duck in these situations but it would not have helped here, and West took his ace and continued hearts. After winning, South drew trumps successfully in two rounds and was able to enter dummy with 45 in order to take two discards on #KQ.

Even looking at all four hands, the winning defence is not so obvious, but suppose that, after winning the first trick with 210, East continues the suit. Dummy is forced to ruff the third round and now, when West takes his ace of diamonds on the first round, dummy is entryless and eventually South loses a heart as well as two clubs and a diamond.