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IT WAS a sad loss to bridge when Giorgio Belladonna died last month. As a part of the legendary Blue Team, he had 13 World Teams wins and three Olympiad victories to his credit. Belladonna is best remembered for deals like this - the "Strip Tease" Coup.

Sitting South, Belladonna opened a conventional One Club and ended in Five Clubs after West interfered in both diamonds and spades. West led the king of spades and it looked as though declarer was facing three losers. South won in hand, cashed queen of diamon-ds, and crossed to the ten of hearts with the intention of discarding his losing spade on a top diamond. East ruffed with his two of clubs, and South over-ruffed. Next he tried the hearts, this time hoping to discard dummy's losing spade. No joy, for the third round of hearts was ruffed by West with the eight of clubs and over-ruffed on the table.

And the sequel... When the last top diamond was led, ruffed and over-ruffed, declarer still had a losing spade in each hand. But one of his trump losers evaporated as now the ace and king fell on the same trick! At the other table, contract was Four Hearts which failed after a spade lead when declarer tried to establish his clubs and lost trump control.