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A fiercely competitive auction was followed by some exciting exchanges in the play on this deal from rubber bridge. Greed led to West's downfall after declarer set a trap for him.

North opened One Club, South responded One Spade and West overcalled with a quiet Two Diamonds. North rais-ed to Four Spades and, after two passes, West fought on with Four No-trumps. Clearly unusual, this suggested hearts as well as longer diamonds without going past Five Diamonds. North doubled, East tried Five Hearts, and South doubled. North removed this to Five Spades and West doubled to end matters. West found the spectacular lead of the two of diamonds; his partner obliged with the nine and dutifully returned a club for West to ruff. As you can see, all West had to do was cash a top diamond to defeat the contract.

It was not that simple, for on the opening lead declarer play-ed the eight of diamonds, not the six, from dummy. West was left with the impression that his partner held the seven.

West underled his diamond honours a second time, hoping for another ruff and a two trick defeat. To West's horror, South won a bizarre trick with his seven and claimed.