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SOUTH THOUGHT that Christmas had come early when, after studying his hand closely and deciding to open Two Clubs, he heard a vulnerable East open One No-trump (13-15 points).

Suppressing the urge to double in a bellow, he contented himself with doubling in his normal tone. Oddly enough, he would have been in for a nasty disappointment if everyone had passed - he would have been unable to defeat One No-trump! - but West, not unreasonably, rescued to #2 and this was followed by two passes. Losing patience, South jumped to Four Hearts to end the auction.

West led the 10 of diamonds against !4 and the sight of dummy was reassuring to declarer. It did not have much, but 2J was useful.

Without a care in the world, South won and led !Q from hand. West's discard of a low club came as a shock and now, no matter what South tried, he could not escape the loss of three trump tricks and a club to go one down. Still, I suppose that was better than the indignity of watching the opponents make One No-trump doubled.

I hope you spotted how declarer could (and should) have coped with the possibility of 4-0 trumps? With no immediate entry to dummy, a club loser was likely, so, at trick 2, he should have led 2Q from hand.

This loses to the king, but now 2J provides an entry to dummy to lead trumps and, if it proves necessary, the ace of clubs can be trumped on the table to provide a second vital entry for another trump lead.

Game all;

dealer East


47 6 4 2

!6 4 2

#8 5 3 2

2J 4

West East

4J 5 3 410 9 8

!none !A K 9 8

#Q 10 9 7 6 #K J 4

29 8 6 5 2 2K 10 7


4A K Q

!Q J 10 7 5 3


2A Q 3