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THE AUCTION, which was frisky, was replicated at both tables in a teams-of-four match. East pre-empted with Three Diamonds, South overcalled Three Hearts and West tried Three Spades. North supported partner with Four Hearts, which passed to West, who now bid Five Diamonds. North doubled, but South pulled this to Five Hearts, feeling that, on the bidding, his heart honours would not help to make tricks.

The ace of diamonds was led at both tables, ruffed by South. Drawing trumps with the ace and queen, one declarer ruffed another diamond, then led a club to dummy's king. This gave him his 10th trick, and banking all on a 3-3 club division, he led a low club off dummy, covering East's 10 with the queen. West won, then cashed the club jack, and continued with the club eight. South ruffed, and as he could not avoid a spade loser, he ended one light.

At the other table, declarer ruffed the diamond lead and also drew trumps. When East showed up with the missing two hearts, this declarer appreciated that clubs were unlikely to be breaking 3-3. So he played a club to the queen. West won and exited with a diamond, ruffed by South, who followed up with a low club to East's 10. East returned a spade, to the 10, jack and ace. But now declarer ran trumps and West could not withstand the pressure. This was the position, with the last heart still to be played: South: 4Q, !3, 29. West: 4K, 2J8. North: 48, 2K7. East: Immaterial.

West had no card to spare. The contract romped home.

Love all; dealer East


4 K J 9 7 5 4

! none

# A 7 4

2 A J 8 6


4 A 8 2

! Q 10 5

# Q 9 2

2 K 7 5 4


4 Q 10

! A K 9

8 7 4 3 2

# none

2 Q 9 2


4 6 3

! J 6

# K J 10

8 6 5 3

2 10 3