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Memory Is a curious thing. Anniversaries and birthdays always tend to slip by me unremembered (to me wife's intense irritation), but I haven't forgotten the theme of this hand from a par contest of over 40 years ago.

South opened Three Spades (not everyone's choice, it has to be said) and North raised to game. West led his five of clubs against Four Spades and, after taking his queen and ace, East led a third round. "Wonderful!" thought West, as he trumped in front of dummy with his six of spades. Now it was all over - declarer won the heart switch on the table, finessed the queen of trumps successfully and, when the king fell on the next round, was able to claim.

West could have baited a cunning trap by ruffing the third round of clubs with his two. Suppose dummy over-ruffs and, after coming back to hand, declarer starts on trumps. East takes his king - and now a fourth round of clubs gives West a ruff for the setting trick.

Declarer does have a counter, however. When West ruffs with his two of trumps, dummy simply discards. Now the red suit switch will be won on the table and, with a trump left in dummy, declarer can finesse in trumps and collect his 10 tricks. Memories are made of this ...

GAME ALL: dealer South


] 5

_ AQ 7 6 2

+ A K 9 5 2

[ K J

West East

] 6 4 3 2 ] K 7

_ J 9 4 _ K 10 8 3

+ Q 10 8 4 + J 6 3

[ 5 2 [ A Q 6 4


] A Q J 10 9 8

_ 5

+ 7

[ 10 9 8 7 3