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When he ran into a tiresome break in the club suit on this deal, declarer found that he was an entry short to dummy for what he needed to do. He missed what would have been a neat way out of his difficulties, although he had all the clues.

Playing a 15-17 point No-trump, South opened One Diamond and West overcalled with One Spade. North made a negative (Sputnik) double suggesting length/values in the unbid suits and South, sensibly enough, rebid Two No-trumps, which his partner raised to game.

West led the ten of spades against Three No-Trumps and, conserving entries to the table, declarer won in hand. He followed with the ace and queen of clubs, but it was a disappointment when West showed out on the second round. South continued with a third club to the king and cleared the suit, after which East returned a spade.

It was easy enough to cash the long club and take a successful diamond finesse, but the finesse could not be repeated and when the king did not fall on the second round, declarer was a trick short.

The point South missed was that, when West showed out on the second club, he should have overtaken his queen with dummy's king. Then he takes a diamond finesse and, when it wins, can lead the two of clubs to the nine to establish the suit. The ace of spades is still there as an entry to enjoy the long clubs and repeat the diamond finesse.