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"IF South carries on with trumps then I've got him!" was East's alibi after an unsuccessful defence on this week's deal. True, but South could see no reason to head for certain defeat and switched his attack. East had missed a much simpler chance of persuading declarer to go wrong.

South opened One Spade, North responded Two Clubs, and East overcalled with Two Diamonds. South bid Two Hearts, North gave jump preference with Three Spades, and South went on to game. West led the two of diamonds against Four Spades and declarer was forced to ruff the third round of the suit. He started on tru-mps but his king and queen were allowed to win and the bad break was exposed. South changed direction.

He played off one top heart before starting to run dummy's clubs. This left East helpless. If he trumped low, he would be over-ruffed and would later come to only his ace of trumps. If he continued discarding until the end of clubs, he would still make only one trick. East discards his singleton heart on the fourth round.

Neat, but what about simply winning the first trump and leading a fourth round of diamonds? Surely declarer would have ruffed high and relied on a 3-2 trump break?