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Arithmetic in bridge can be deceptive. Just because you appear to have five losers, it doesn't mean you cannot develop nine winners. This was neatly demonstrated by South on this part score deal.

North opened One No-trump (12-14 points) and East overcalled with Two Clubs which was alerted and explained as showing the major suits. Ignoring this demonstration, South contested with Two Spades and West bid Three Hearts. With a highly suitable hand North went to Three Spades.

West led the five of hearts against Three Spades. East won and returned a heart. South won, ruffed a heart on the table, and tested the trumps with the ace to confirm his suspicions of a bad break. Reading the position well, he cashed the ace of diamonds and led another. East won and led a trump to dummy's queen.

It was all over. Declarer played off the ace of clubs and ruffed a diamond in hand. Then he got off lead with a club and waited to make two more trump tricks.

Do you see what I mean? South apparently faced two losers in clubs, one in each red suit, and was bound to lose a trump as well, but he still came to nine tricks.