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THE British juniors had their chances in the recent European Community Championships, but finished just one Victory point out of the medals. This was a critical deal from the last round.

South played in Four Hearts doubled (after East had overcalled in clubs]) against the lead of the queen of clubs. The start was easy - declarer won in dummy, cashed the ace of diamonds, and ruffed a diamond. He re-entered hand with the ace of spades and ruffed another diamond.

The king of spades was safely cashed, but when East followed to the third round of spades, South had a problem. The British woman, in an identical position, ruffed low and was over-ruffed. Now East was put in with a club, and a trump return left declarer a trick short. This proved expensive, for their German opponent was allowed to make the same contract after a mis-defence.

Perhaps being doubled in Four Hearts gave him the clue, but Danny Davies for the British Juniors found the right play of ruffing the third round of spades with his ace. Now he could safely trump his last diamond in dummy and, no matter what the defenders tried, South's K 8 7 4 of trumps gave him two more tricks.

In spite of this setback, the British women went on to win the gold medal.