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Ron Klinger must have read somewhere that the late Terence Reese had written "about 90" books on bridge and determined to overtake him. The latest 50 More Winning Bridge Tips by the prolific Australian author (Gollancz, pounds 5.99) is a useful addition to any improving player's library. This was a neat deal.

South opened One No=trump (15-17 points) and North's response of Two Diamonds was a transfer to hearts. South dutifully bid Two Hearts. Mind you, with a maximum and an excellent fit I would have broken the transfer but South had another chance when North advanced to Three Hearts and was now able to bid the heart game. West led the six of clubs against Four Hearts and East (judging matters well) played the ten. Ron's tip was "In a trump contract, if the opponents do not take their ace trick 1, they are planning a ruff." Indeed they were, and you can see what happens if declarer plays on trumps. The defenders take their club ruff, exit in diamonds, and wait for the setting trick in spades.

The Australian international, sitting South, found a way to improve her chances. She played three rounds of diamonds (ruffing the third) before leading trumps. As anticipated, West duly took a club ruff but was now end-played - forced to lead a spade into South's tanace or concede a ruff and discard, allowing dummy's losing spade to go away.