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The Italians have an amusing name for the type of play that developed on this deal. They call it a "strip-tease coup". South opened One Diamond, North responded One Heart, and South rebid Two Clubs. North bid Two Spades (Fourth suit forcing, and a little bit pushy) and South rebid his clubs to show at least 5-5 in the minors. Still in aggressive mood, North raised to Four Clubs and South went on to game.

West led the king of spades against Five Clubs (yes, the king and another club would have been a flashy triumph) and clearly, South had to do something about his losing spade before touching trumps. He won the lead, cashed the queen of hearts, and led a diamond to the king. Declarer continued with the ace of hearts from dummy.

It does not help East to ruff high, for South merely discards his losing spade. So East trumped low, South over ruffed and followed with the ace and queen of diamonds. This time West had to ruff and again he could do no better than ruff low.

Dummy over-ruffed and now the king of hearts put East in difficulty. Yet again he ruffed low. South over-ruffed and the strip-tease was complete. Both the ace and king of clubs were now bare and they fell together on a trump lead. Now there was time to establish the fifth diamond with a ruff and South had his 11 tricks.

LOVE ALL: Dealer South


] 6 4

_ A K 8 7 6 4

+ K 3

[ 10 9 8

West East

] K Q J 3 ] 10 9 8 7 5

_ J 10 9 3 2 _ 5

+ 8 2 + J 10 5 4

[ K 2 [ A 4 3


] A 2

_ Q

+ A Q 9 7 6

[ Q J 7 6 5