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Love all; dealer South


4A 4 3

!K 6 5


2A J 10 7 6 3

West East

47 6 2 49 8 5

!Q J 10 4 !A 9 8 3

#A 8 5 2 #9 3

29 4 2K Q 8 2


4K Q J 10

!7 2

#K Q J 10 7 6


The recent death of Terence Reese caused much sadness in the bridge world. For a tribute to his skills, one could hardly do better than admire his defence to Four Spades on this deal. Just see if you would have got it right - at the table!

The bidding had started with One Diamond from South and he rebid his suit after a club response. North, reasonably enough, next tried Two No- trumps but, after a spade bid from South, raised dubiously to Four Spades.

The defence started with three rounds of hearts and declarer ruffed. Next he led the king of diamonds. If Reese, as West, had won this, it would have been all over with everything breaking well.

Terence allowed the king of diamonds to hold! Another top diamond won but, while West still retained the ace, East ruffed the third round and played a fourth heart.

Note that: another heart! A club or trump instead would have allowed declarer to ruff out the ace of diamonds and draw the remaining trumps. It was the climax to a splendid defence.