Bridge: Twins' defence

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THERE is the opportunity to watch some top class bridge if you are in London this weekend, when the Lederer Memorial Trophy will be contested by eight of the country's top teams. This was an amusing deal from the 1960 event.

Game all; dealer South


S. 10

H. K J 10 7

D. J 10 8 6 4

C. A Q 6


S. 9 7 6

H. Q 5 4

D. K Q 7

C. J 8 4 3


S. 3 2

H. A 9 8 6 3 2

D. 5 3

C. K 10 2


S. A K Q J 8 5 4

H. none

D. A 9 2

C. 9 7 5

In one match, South ended in Four Spades and the Sharples twins, as East-West, found the perfect defence. West led the three of clubs, dummy played low and East won with the ten. A diamond was returned and West was allowed to win with his queen. Now came another club and there was nothing declarer could do to avoid the loss of two more tricks. Comparison time came and all the Sharples were interested in was what the opening lead had been at the other table. On hearing it was the king of diamonds, they were confident that their team had gained heavily.

There was something about the demeanour of their teammates, however, that suggested all was not well and finally the full story was extracted. South opened Two Spades, North gave a positive reply of Three Diamonds and South had supported the suit. A flurry of cue- bids had followed and the final contract had been Seven Spades which, after the obliging lead, had also failed by one trick. Why my partner had tried to establish a trick against a grand slam I will never know.

Lederer Memorial Trophy, Saturday 13 November at 2pm and 8pm and on Sunday 14 November at 1pm. Young Chelsea Bridge Club, 32 Barkston Gardens, London SW5.