Bright Lights: Ian Wright

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Ian Wright is the host of Channel Four's new travel programme Lonely Planet. Plucked from thousands of hopefuls, he got the job by lying about his age on the application form - 'It's a lie form, that's what they're for' - and endearing himself to C4 youth chiefs with his plans to write a Kung Fu spoof entitledEnter the Dragon From Behind.

Name;Ian Wright

Age: 29 (he wrote 25 to get the job)

Star Sign: Taurus (sensual, earthy, loyal, eat and sleep a lot)

Birthplace: Ipswich

What People say about him; 'He's warm, funny and a natural commedian. He's been around the block, which shows. He's a great presenter for the Nineties - he's not a metropolitan fashion victim who demands a limo. He doesn't suffer from presenteritis': David Stevenson, Commissioning Editor Youth Programmes, Channel Four.

He says he is: ' I'm good at what I do. I was bored of how things were done and take the piss. I do things to amuse myself.'

Big Break: 'Getting this job. I can afford my rent now.'

Recipe For Success: 'That's for other peole to work out.'

Life is. . . : 'Stop working it out and get on with it. Just do things. Don't think about doing them. Then see what happens.'

Fame is. . .: 'I don't feel famous, though I do get recognised in Hoxton. The kids I teach drama to think it's funny.'

Most Embarrassing Public Moment: Nothing.

In Five Years Time: 'I paint a lot and have been working on my own film projects. I'd like to achieve some recognition for them.'