Private Lives, Brighton Fringe


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With more than 681 events on the programme this year, the Brighton Fringe has had to get creative with venues. There’s a wealth of site-specific work on offer, from plays in an old prison cell to dance works at the swimming pool.

By far the most decadent of these is Something Witty’s production of Private Lives, which takes place in the ballroom at the Grand Hotel.

There’s a maid in a starched pinafore to take your ticket and a string duo playing jaunty Twenties music as you take your seat. Lime cocktails add to the air of languorous afternoon indulgence.

The performance plays out along the full length of the ballroom, with the audience ranged on either side as if watching a prize fight. Which in a way, it is. Heather Rayment, a vivacious, statuesque Amanda, stands out among the clipped, duelling couples,  This is standard Coward but the setting and some lovely live music combine to create an enjoyably elegant atmosphere.

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