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On 15 January, we ran a competition to win videos from Electric Pictures' Luis Bunuel Collection and copies of John Baxter's biography of the film-maker (4th Estate, £18.99). The Collection includes some of Bunuel's best-known films - Belle de Jour, The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, That Obscure Object of Desire, Diary of a Chambermaid, The Milky Way, The Phantom of Lib- erty, Tristana - as well as three titles new to video: Viridiana, The Exterminating Angel and Simon of the Desert. The videos usually cost £15.99 each, except the 45-minute Simon which is £13.99. We asked readers to compose a surrealist limerick including the names of Bunuel and his arch-collaborator Salvador Dali. The response was, well, surreal, with over 250 entries. Some readers took the surrealist part very literally, and sent in squiggles and pictures of fish, which was clever but somehow, we felt, a bit of a cop-out. Others had trouble finding a rhyme for Dali, hence the striking number of entries built around holidays in Bali, on a Harley, or even watering the Rose of Tra-lee - which was pushing it a bit. But the 10 runners-up, who win the three new videos and the biography, broadly fell into three camps - Surrealist in subject: There were three young men of Madrid, Who cared not a fig what they did.

Lorca wrote prose, Bunuel punched nose, While Dali was in love with a squid.

(from John Heelan of Reading)

Surrealist in content: Bunuel herring phone line Dali, speaking vegetable blue tea, blatant device, cerebral price, aim, pitter patter, flee.

(Peter Dalton, Sutton Coldfield)

And surrealist in form: (G W Davies, Bristol)

The other runners-up are: J Stokes of Huntingdon; Cleo Harrington, London NW1; Mike Ross, Kingston-upon-Thames; J Green, Windsor; Jason Hobart, London W7; Joanna Rimmer, Newcastle; and D Webster, Birmingham - all of whom made us laugh and proved the answer is not necessarily a fish.

But the winner, on the grounds of elegance if nothing else, is M Howard of Banbury, Oxon, who wins all 10 videos and the biography, for the following: Dali, the dandy and swell, Made a film with his pal L Bunuel.

The eye's a surprise, Well slice my mince pies And serve them on toast, what the hell! Our thanks to everyone who entered.