Californeon dreamin'

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Boring drive ahead of you? Let the thinking man's boy racer help. Just slip one of Jeremy Clarkson's Top Gear Classics albums into the stereo and "the rich texture of classical music" will work its magic. There are four albums to collect: Turbo Classics, Motoring Moods, Baroque Busters and Open Top Opera. Turbo Classics, Clarkson assures us, makes "every car feel like an Aston Martin, and every road... like the sinewy ribbon from Uttoxeter to Abbotts Bromley", while Baroque Busters will simply help you forget that you own a Vauxhall Cavalier. But what for the poor souls without car stereos? Well, those clever people at NASA have developed an alternative lighting system which may go some way to enlivening your journey. Plaster your car with Californeon lighting strips, and hey presto! Harrods on wheels. These paper-thin bands come in seven colours - wild turquoise is the current best seller - and the Interior Accent Kit allows you to highlight features such as the steering wheel or dashboard. As the strips are wired to the car battery they are more than merely decorative: imagine the joyrider's surprise when on hot-wiring your car it lights up like Blackpool pier.

Californeon available from Marble Arch Auto Stores Ltd, 113/115 Edgware Rd, W2 (0171-723 6695) Price from pounds 44.99.

Top Gear Classics available from 5 Jun