Cambridge Footlights

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Often the whipping boys of comedy, the Cambridge Footlights (below) have come up with a delightful show this year. All the performers are strong. Richard Ayoade and John Oliver run through a neat dimwits' double act. "Why do Irish people dance like this?" asks one, acting out Riverdance. "Because they've had their arms decommissioned." Matthew Green makes a splendidly gormless work-experience trainee, Alex Bonham plays an ultra- posh Listen with Mother-esque continuity announcer ("wasn't that interval marvellous?"), and Richard Thomson brings down the house as a presenter who gets absurdly turned on by reading the traffic reports for Bearsden. Echoes abound of everything from Morecambe and Wise to The Adam and Joe Show, but the overall effect is winning.

Connaught Theatre, Worthing (01903 235333) 9 & 10 Sept; Uppingham Theatre (01572 823318) 11 & 12 Sept

James Rampton