Care in the community

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All human life is represented in the Hayward Gallery's latest touring exhibition, which opens at Oldham Art Gallery tomorrow. "Imagined Communities", features a diverse collection of artists working in a range of mediums to reflect the endless interpretations which can be given to the notion of community. Sophie Calle, for example, adopted the role of chambermaid to take furtive snaps of hotel bedrooms for her photographic series The Hotel, while Christian Boltanski tirelessly photographed all 144 new pupils at a school in London. New technology has played its part in creating some of the exhibition's most innovative work. In The Most Wanted Paintings, Russian artists Komar and Melamid use the Internet to spotlight what citizens of the United States, Finland and Russia would most like to see framed on their walls. All concurred on images of frontier landscapes and wild animals, but when the artists probed deeper they discovered that while Americans placed George Washington at the centre of the picture, Russians went for Jesus Christ. On a different tack, Tim Rollins and the Kids of Survival (a group of teenagers from the Bronx) take politics back to basics, matching politicians' heads with animal bodies, in a work inspired by Orwell's Animal Farm. Should be interesting.

Oldham Art Gallery (0161-911 4653) 27 Jan-24 Mar, then touring around the country