Channel promises no end to 'Street'

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Coronation Street addicts can look forward to four doses a day and five at weekends when Granada Sky Broadcasting starts in October, it was announced yesterday.

Classic episodes from the 35-year-old soap form the backbone of Granada Plus in a new seven-channel service for cable and satellite.

Old black and white episodes from the late Sixties or early Seventies are likely to be run on weekdays, repeated at 9am, 1.30pm, 6pm and 9pm.

Two-and-a-half-hour weekend omnibuses may pick out special events such as the lives and loves of Elsie Tanner, a celebration of Annie Walker, Ken Barlow's many weddings and, of course, Bet Lynch.

Granada Plus will feature drama from the company's archives and those of its sister company LWT, including Upstairs, Downstairs, Sherlock Holmes and The Professionals.

Four Good Life channels will be created by the This Morning team, including a consumer channel, TV High Street, with the astrologer Russell Grant, Food and Wine with chefs such as Delia Smith and Keith Floyd, Health and Beauty and Home and Garden.

Good Life will be broadcast 12 hours a day and each channel will have a three-hour slot.

There will also be a late night men's channel at 11pm, which makers promise will pick up on the popularity of magazines like FHM and Loaded.

The seventh channel is the 12 hour Granada Talk TV featuring Sir David Frost.