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1 ( -) These Days Bon Jovi

2 ( 1) HIStory Michael Jackson

3 ( 2) Post Bjork

4 ( 4) Singles Alison Moyet

5 ( 7) The Colour of My Love Celine Dion

6 ( 8) Picture This Wet Wet Wet

7 ( 3) Pulse Pink Floyd

8 ( 5) Days Like This Van Morrison

9 ( -) Replenish Reef

10 (10) Medusa Annie Lennox

Chart compiled by CIN

Well, fancy that. Bon Jovi straight in at Number One and Michael Jackson plummeting towards the bowels of the earth faster than you can say "completely barmy marketing overspend". Still, things being what they are, the day is fast approaching when One Little Indian will have to float a 400ft statue of Bjork up the Thames on a barge just to break even in Iceland. Which can only be good for pop.