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WE'RE NOW entering the home stretch in the international tournament in Katrineholm, Sweden, with three rounds to go, including today's. After the first five and a rest day on Sunday, Ulf Andersson led with 4/5, ahead of Ibragimov, Gavrikov, and myself 3.5, Fedorov and Lutz 2.5, Pia Cramling 2, Lyrberg and Emanuel Berg 1.5 and Laveryd just 0.5.

All-play-alls are quite different from Open tournaments and without, I hope, being hubristic - my game yesterday was against Berg - the local players are generally finding it tough going, none more so than Peter Laveryd, who is rated a respectable 2,420 but performing way below that.

One problem that applies in general and particularly to him is that in Open tournaments, normally against weaker opponents who moreover haven't had long to prepare, you can get away with much more in the opening than in a Closed event. The line that Laveryd played in today's game has served him well recently, but it certainly needs repairs after running into Christopher Lutz.

One of Laveryd's opponents a couple of years ago played 10 d5 Nd4 11 Nxd4 Qxd4 but 10 Bf1 is much stronger and Lutz told me that 12 ...0-0 is possibly already the decisive error!

Not 16 ...fxe5 17 Re4! Qg5 18 Rxb4 etc. Black should try 19 ...Bxc3 20 Rxc3 Bxd5 though it's very bad. In the game it's already too late for 20 ...Bxc3 21 Rg3! Qf4 22 bxc3 Bxd5 23 Rg7! and wins. At the end Black resigned owing to 27 ...Qxe5 28 Rg7! Qxg3 29 Rh7 mate!

White: Christopher Lutz

Black: Peter Laveryd

Katrineholm 1999 (Round 5)