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FIDE HAS finally published the pairings for its knockout world championships in Las Vegas - though Willy Icklicki, who chairs the World Championship cycle committee, has stated they are only preliminary.

Thirty-six pairs will contest the first round, starting on 31 July, with the winners joining 28 seeds (making 100 in all) for the second. The final runs from 22-28 August with tie-breaks, if necessary, on 29 August.

The three seeded English players - Adams, Short and Sadler - are paired against the winners of De Firmian (USA) v Kobalija (Russia), Adianto (Indonesia) v Fridman (Latvia) and Asrian (Armenia) v Andres Rodriguez (Uruguay).

I'm playing the Argentine Pablo Ricardi, the winner facing Boris Gelfand, of Belarus. But most intriguing of all is Tony Miles's pairing. He plays the Swede Ralf Akesson, the winner playing Anatoly Karpov, the Fide world champion himself - if, that is, he turns up, as he currently says he will.

Karpov has a plus score against Tony: but, as this effort shows, it is not all one way.

White: Anatoly Karpov

Black: Tony Miles

European Team Championship, Skara 1980

St George Defence

Apologies for yesterday's slip: the rating conversion from BCF to ELO is to multiply by eight - not six - and add 600.

1 e4 a6!?

2 d4 b5

3 Nf3 Bb7

4 Bd3 Nf6

5 Qe2 e6

6 a4 c5

7 dxc5 Bxc5

8 Nbd2 b4

9 e5 Nd5

10 Ne4 Be7

11 0-0 Nc6

12 Bd2 Qc7

13 c4 bxc3

14 Nxc3 Nxc3

15 Bxc3 Nb4

16 Bxb4 Bxb4

17 Rac1 Qb6

18 Be4 0-0

19 Ng5 h6

20 Bh7+!? Kh8

21 Bb1 Be7

22 Ne4 Rac8

23 Qd3? Rxc1

24 Rxc1 Qxb2

25 Re1 Qxe5

26 Qxd7 Bb4

27 Re3 Qd5

28 Qxd5 Bxd5

29 Nc3 Rc8

30 Ne2 g5

31 h4 Kg7

32 hxg5 hxg5

33 Bd3 a5

34 Rg3 Kf6

35 Rg4 Bd6

36 Kf1 Be5

37 Ke1 Rh8

38 f4 gxf4

39 Nxf4 Bc6

40 Ne2 Rh1+

41 Kd2 Rh2

42 g3 Bf3

43 Rg8 Rg2

44 Ke1 Bxe2

45 Bxe2 Rxg3

46 Ra8 Bc7