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IT HAS been a funny old Hastings. When Yevgeny Bareyev shot into an early lead, it looked as though nothing could stop him from winning for the third time in a row. Then little Miss Polgar sat down beside him and frightened his lead away.

Just as it had turned into a two-horse race, the fancied filly fell, well beaten by John Nunn, who had been pottering around in the middle of the field. Never one to be deliberately ungallant, however, Nunn promptly did Miss Polgar a favour by beating Bareyev too.

This set everything up for Polgar to take the lead in Sunday's twelfth round. All she had to do was beat Polugayevsky, whom she had already defeated once in the tournament, and who was having a miserable event altogether. The veteran Russian grandmaster, however, produced his most controlled game of the event to gain a well- merited revenge.

With two rounds left to play, Bareyev maintains a half-point lead over Polgar and Speelman. The last-round game between Polgar and Bareyev could well decide the tournament.

The most attractive game of Round 12 was Matthew Sadler's win over Ilya Gurevich. After both sides had seemed intent on weakening their own pawn structures, Sadler proved that his opponent's king was the more vulnerable. At the end, 30 . . . Qxh5 allows mate in two with Rg8+ and R1g7 mate.

----------------------------------------------------------------- White: Sadler Black: Gurevich ----------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Nf3 Nf6 16 Qxe4 Bxf3 2 c4 g6 17 gxf3 g5 3 Nc3 d5 18 axb4 gxh4 4 cxd5 Nxd5 19 Rg1 Qd6 5 Qb3 Nb6 20 Bd3 Rf7 6 d4 Bg7 21 Rg6 Rf6 7 Bg5 h6 22 Rg4 Rf7 8 Bh4 Be6 23 Ke2 h5 9 Qc2 Nc6 24 Rg5 Qh6 10 Rd1 Nb4 25 Rg6 Qh8 11 Qb1 0-0 26 Rdg1 Rd8 12 e3 Bf5 27 Qxh4 Kf8 13 e4 Bg4 28 Be4 Bxc3 14 d5 f5 29 bxc3 Rf6 15 a3 fxe4 30 Qxh5 1-0 -----------------------------------------------------------------